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Antenatal Classes

Antenatal classes in Ireland provide you with information about pregnancy, labour and delivery, and baby care. The classes will also allow you to discuss any concerns you might have with other expectant parents. Many antenatal classes focus on labour and delivery as well as practical advice on how to care for your baby and adjust to parenthood. We usually run a course of classes over a 4 week period. On one of the nights your partner can also attend.


Classes are generally for a number of sessions and topics covered may include:

Looking after your health during pregnancy

Growth and development of the baby during pregnancy

Options for labour and delivery

Pain relief during labour

When to go into hospital

What to expect during labour

Breastfeeding support and advice

Emotional aspects of becoming a parent

Physical care of your baby


As well as many more topics.1 day or 2and half day courses are available.

 For more information please contact the clinic for dates, times, and fees.

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