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Bach Flower Essences

In the Clinic we use both Bach Flower remedies and Phytobiophysics Flower Formulae.

Phytobiophysics uses the Mossop Philosophy as a scientific approach to assessing the causal factors of disease. Using the science of plant energy, – the use of the infinite energy of plants to restore balance and harmony on all levels of consciousness: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical.

The philosophy is an understanding of the inter-relationship between our souls and our being and the physical manifestations which often appear as symptoms of illness.

   People, when hurt on a very deep level, frequently become degenerately ill.

   Those of us who live in isolation from our loved ones frequently fall ill.

   Those of us who are saddened and embittered by the circumstance of our lives frequently fall ill.

   Those of us who get stopped and held back on our journey of life and are unable to overcome these circumstances frequently fall ill.

Using the vibration of plants for healing is timelessly old. Each Flower Formula has been specifically created to match the resonance of a healthy cellular system in the body. The formulas act as neurotransmitters. When ingested, they instantly regulate the electromagnetic frequency of the system being targeted, thus encouraging the body’s own innate ability to heal on a very deep level.

The Phytobiophysics Flower Formulae come as  user-friendly pillules. Each person is tested for their individual needs.


These are Flower formulas that look to the vibration of flowers for happiness, harmony and balance. They are made from the energy of plants and flowers and so are completely natural. Through using the non-physical, non-chemical energy of plants, Flower formulae’s have the effect of instantly regulating the flow of energy around the body.

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