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Child Psychology

As a parent or guardian, getting to know your child as they develop is important and rewarding. Child Psychology should not be a ‘Reactive’ part of Parenting. It should be a ‘Proactive’ plan to give parents the resources to help their children advance through the various stages of development. It is important to have an understanding of normal versus abnormal development and behaviour.

Remember, there is no manual that comes with the baby!!

As your child develops from birth to adulthood, each child can have different challenges including Physical development, Mental health issues, Social differences or Developmental delay.

Anxiety is this century’s buzz word, but sadly, we see it becoming more prevalent in children today. Anxiety can either be Genetic or Environmental. The pregnancy and mode of birth are also important factors to consider, as is early childhood trauma. Children cannot analyse their feelings, so it is often difficult for them to explain what they are going through. Emotional and Social development are deeply intertwined. How they express:








-social interaction,

are all important stages in their development, regulation and expression of emotions as they grow.

We all want our children to have healthy development, but it is not always clear to parents if a child’s behaviour is a normal part of their development or a cause for concern. Types of issues can include:

– developmental delay,


-angry behaviour,


-poor social skills,

-cognitive delay.

Cognitive development refers to the intellectual learning and thought processes of a child. Babies are aware of their environment long before they have the language to express it. How a child uses their imagination, observes and understands the world around them, solves problems, uses language, etc., are all influenced by the child’s genetics and environment.

Early childhood influences can set this child up for how they cope with life’s challenges either positively or negatively. So giving the child every best chance from early on is important.

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