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Cranial Sacral Therapy & Kinesiology

Cranial Sacral Therapy & Kinesiology

Therapy for adults and kids

Cranial Fluid Dynamics: uses the same Osteopathic approach as Cranial Sacral Therapy whilst taking into account the nature of the Fluid Dynamic within the Cranium. It is a gentle hands on therapy that relieves tension in the spine, membranes, nervous system and tissues, thus increasing circulation and lymphatic flow.

This reflects the condition of the whole body and can be understood, as the quality of the fluid tells us much about what’s going on within a person.

What is Kinesiology?

Simple muscle and reflex testing to help to determine the course of therapy.

Kinesiology is used worldwide by Doctors, Therapists and lay people alike. It is a gentle feedback tool used to gather information from the body. Gentle pressure is applied to a muscle and how the muscle responds gives specific information to the practitioner in how to treat the client.

Hand Modes or Mudras are used to enhance the story that is unfolding through the muscle testing. Mudras are finger positions that represent information that helps the practitioner come to the proper treatment for the individual.

What is Ontology?

Ontology is the study of being. How did we get be where we are now? What is our potential? By taking an ontological viewpoint in conjunction with Kinesiology and Cranial Fluid Dynamics we are able to treat the whole being and the various levels that exist with our human make up.

When we are sick, out of balance, stressed, dysfunctional, switched off, you name it …one or all of these levels are out of sync.

Ontological Kinesiology is here to bring ones system back into harmony so a person can be healthy, relaxed, dynamic and purposeful.

What is a treatment like?

After an initial consultation and an understanding is gained of what the client is here for, we begin with a moment of quiet. You remain fully clothed and you will take your shoes off before lying on the therapy table. We will then proceed to find the treatment that is appropriate for your situation. Cranial Sacral Therapy/CFD is usually used during a session. The therapist would put their hands on the area of restriction and wait for the tissues, membranes, muscles and bones to release. This is very relaxing and one may experience warmth, a nap or sense of general well being. Infants are treated whilst sleeping or being held by someone.

Conditions treated:

Stress reduction                                                        


Learning disorders (ADD, Dyslexia)                              

Joint, back, posture and neck pain

High blood pressure                                                  

Skin conditions


Constitutional predispositions

Anxiety, Depression                                                    


Sleeping disorders                                                      

Birth trauma

And a lot more……

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