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Cranial Sacral Therapy

CranioSacral therapy is a hands-on treatment using very light touch. It is therefore gentle and, for most clients, very relaxing. It has evolved from a medical/osteopathic model and is based on the idea that restrictions in the structure of the body interfere with its function, cause pain and, may ultimately lead to disease.

This treatment releases restrictions in the body’s structure allowing it to get back to doing what it needs to do. As the structure, function and balance of the body are restored, pain and tension are also released. During craniosacral therapy, the activity of the nervous system that stimulates rest/sleep/digestion is increased. At the same time, the activity of the system that produces the fight/flight/freeze response is reduced. This rebalancing of the nervous system often proves to be therapeutic for those suffering with anxiety, stress, poor sleep and/or gastrointestinal complaints.

For this treatment, the client does not need to remove any clothing apart from their shoes. However, it is not an “off the body” treatment or a form of spiritual healing. It is very much hands-on.

Treatment for structural imbalance usually requires 3-5 sessions, each session lasting 30-60 minutes. Some people also have regular CranioSacral therapy to maintain a healthy balance as they find that it relaxes the body and mind, rebalances the whole system and improves vitality.

Therapy for adults and kids

What is a treatment like?

After an initial consultation and an understanding is gained of what the client is here for, we begin with a moment of quiet. You remain fully clothed and you will take your shoes off before lying on the therapy table. We will then proceed to find the treatment that is appropriate for your situation. The therapist would put their hands on the area of restriction and wait for the tissues, membranes, muscles and bones to release. This is very relaxing and one may experience warmth, a nap or sense of general well being. Infants are treated whilst sleeping or being held by someone.

Conditions treated:

  • Stress reduction
  • Trauma
  • Learning disorders (ADD, Dyslexia)
  • Joint, back, posture and neck pain
  • High blood pressure
  • Skin conditions
  • PMT
  • Constitutional predispositions
  • Anxiety, Depression
  • Allergies
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Birth trauma
  • And a lot more……
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