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Bio-Resonance/Vega-Testing, Allergy - Testing

This test is safe, non-invasive and effective means of enhancing your health using electronic testing equipment. It can identify health problems, which may not yet have become symptomatic to the person. Deemed as the medicine of the future it evolved from scientific research pioneered by Dr. Voll in Germany in the last century.


This test measures the level of energy/vitality in the body which is generally low when organ function is compromised, the lower the reading the more organ dysfunction present. Vitality level is unrelated to time of test or previous amount of sleep, but is a mirror image of health.


It identifies food and chemical sensitivities/allergies, which may make the person ill, tired or depressed. Many substances produce allergic reactions in the body, resulting in illnesses e.g. asthma, eczema, skin and bowel disorders, etc.


It uncovers the low grade or chronic viral, bacterial or fungal infections which can contribute to long-term or multiple problems.

It guides the therapist to identify which organs need priority assistance, detoxification and repair.


It determines the most suitable natural remedies necessary to improve health and restore balance to the individual.


This is not a ‘medical’ examination. Existing medication prescribed by your doctor must not be altered or discontinued without the advice of your medical practitioner.


Sessions last between 20 minutes and 1 hour.

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